The World’s Largest Seed Belongs To That Of A Palm Tree And It Can Weigh Up To 25 Kg

A fabled palm thrives in the stunning Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. The Lodoicea maldivica, commonly referred to as the coco-de-mer or double coconut, is well recognized for yielding the biggest and largest seeds in the entire world. Scientists, tourists, and poachers all find these striking seeds appealing due to their intriguing form and … Read more

France Has 12 Time Zones – The Highest Of Any Country!

It would definitely come as a surprise to most people when they know that France actually has the highest timezone of any country. In reality, France has 12 different time zones, thanks to the overseas territories- which also include the claim the country has to Adelie Land in Antarctica. For those wondering, this is way … Read more

Australian Company Introduces Glow-In-The-Dark Paint For Highways

The lane makers of Victoria, Australia, have come up with an excellent technology to help drivers navigate their routes through the darkness. To improve the nighttime visibility of highway lanes, three Australian businesses have developed glow-in-the-dark road paint. The teal-green color of the paint has evoked memories of TRON on social media. The photoluminescence technology … Read more

This Natural Wonder Site That Has Three Separate Lake Colors

Situated on Flores Island in Indonesia, Mount Kelimutu National Park is world-famous for its volcano with separate lake colors.  The 3 distinct lakes of Mt. Kelimutu have ancient myths associated with them. At times amber, at other times turquoise, and then you find them turning green. We have seen lakes decked in several pretty crazy … Read more